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Training Modules

Here you'll find a collection of Consumer Action's popular training modules relevant to wireless education. The modules can be used to produce or enhance your organizations' training and education efforts, or your personal knowledge of establishing wireless service, protecting your phone records and more.

  • Cell Phone Savvy

    The Cell Phone Savvy training module provides you with tools and materials that you can use to educate your clients and community about how to make wise wireless choices and avoid problems with wireless devices or service. It consists of a multilingual fact sheet, a training manual (FAQs), a lesson plan that includes class activities, a companion PowerPoint presentation, and a quiz with answer key.

  • WirelessED

    There are three topics covered in this module: Using Mobile Data Wisely, Choosing and Using Mobile Devices, and Wireless International Roaming. There is a separate booklet for each topic; the manual, lesson plan and PowerPoint slides cover all three topics together.

    Publications are available in bulk for non-profit and government agencies to distribute for educational purposes. To order, visit the publication page and, under the “Order Publication” heading, choose to order online (by entering the number of copies and clicking “Add to Cart,” and then clicking the “Checkout” button that appears in the upper right corner of the page) or by fax or mail (by clicking the “Print & Fax Order Form” link in the same section).

  • Empower U

    The Empower U training module provides you with tools and materials that you can use to educate your clients and community on four key telecommunications topics: TV service, wireless phone service, Internet service and telemarketing. It consists of four multilingual fact sheets, a PowerPoint presentation and companion guide, and a quiz with answer key.

  • California LifeLine

    Universal LifeLine Telephone Service (ULTS), also known as California LifeLine, provides discounts on basic residential telephone service to eligible low-income households. Consumers who qualify for California LifeLine pay a fraction of the regular cost for telephone connection and monthly local telephone service. This brochure explains the features and benefits of Lifeline phone service, how to apply for the program, and what you must do to continue participation.

  • Phone Services

    This module is designed to help the participants choose the phone equipment and services that best meet their needs. It comes with five multi-lingual brochures, leader’s guide, training guide and powerpoint slides.

  • Protecting Your Phone Records

    Phone records are an important source of private information that someone might try to access without your consent for illegal or harmful purposes. This project includes materials that can help you understand who would want to access your phone records, why they might want to do it, how they try to access your private information and what you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

  • Establishing Wireless Service

    This training module helps the participant to understand the issues involved in shopping for and using cell phone service. Topics covered include wireless service plans and coverage, wireless phones, keeping your phone number when you change providers, reading a wireless phone bill, cell phones and driving, courtesy when using cell phones, preventing theft and fraud, privacy concerns and resources for information and assistance.